The Ripper Alliance
Rapidly adapting the latest technology to support bushfire suppression and recovery in both the natural and built environments.

The Ripper Alliance

The Ripper Alliance brings together leading specialists in search and rescue, drone operations, aerial mapping, AI analysis, data collection, processing and analytics.

Our goal is to arm the experts in the field with the best tools available to empower and enhance their capabilities, expand their reach and provide data for actionable insights.

“We come to this with an open collaborative spirit, and welcome all requests and suggestions for our involvement in Australia’s recovery.“

The Ripper Alliance, established by The Ripper Group and joined by founding members, AUAV and Swoop Aero, will have three core functional units: Operations, Research and Education.

This multi-faceted response will be supported by leading academics, researchers, and scientists across a wide variety of sectors and institutions in order to drive the long-term vision.

Founding Members

The Ripper Group

The Ripper Group are category leaders in the use of customised Ai-enabled drones for surf rescue and identification.

an award-winning, ISO certified and internationally recognised drone services company, focused on providing accurate aerial survey, mapping, patrol and inspection data.

Swoop Aero specialise in establishing safe and sustainable drone networks to transport medical supplies in difficult conditions, including long-range data acquisition capability.


Our first initiative was early 2020, working with, WIRES, Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation, to fast-track the rescue and protection of injured wildlife using the Alliance’s expertise and solutions.

Our work included recovery of native wildlife through the deployment of drones fitted with thermal cameras to locate animals in bushfire ravaged areas. This fast tracked search and rescue of injured and suffering animals. What would have taken volunteers days took drones minutes. The Alliance teams conducted fact-finding missions with visual and digital assessments of effected areas, research into known populations to assess the devastation, along with the research and development of proposed future initiatives in collecting actionable data for habitat protection.

In this Ark called Australia we have some of the most unique creatures on earth, we must protect them.The Ripper Alliance will be part of the recovery story, joining the thousands of Australian’s out there, working together, to rescue, rebuild, repair, and safeguard the future of our precious wild things, Australians rise up and help each other in times of adversity,  The Ripper Alliance is here for the long-haul, and all our members are committed to the work ahead.”

Kevin Weldon AM Founding Chairman
The Ripper Group

Koala Feeding - WIRES

Eyes In The Sky

This image of the Shoalhaven area NSW was captured Alliance founding member team, AUAV. 20 January 2020.
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“The Ripper Group was born out of crisis following the increase of shark attack and drownings on our beaches, our work has lead to ground-breaking research and specialist rescue know-how using Ai, machine learning and other industry leading technology. We are honoured to be given this opportunity to apply our specialist payload platforms to the challenges facing many of Australia’s grassroot rescue organisations.”


AUAV Telstra Awards

“We have a strong vision for the future and are excited by all the possibilities and efficiencies this new technology can bring to a wide range of sectors and projects including Australia’s current bushfire recovery and future firefighting efforts. We want to invest our time and expertise into long-term strategies for Australia’s fire management and recovery.”

Andrew Chapman – Co-Director & CTO, AUAV.

Swoop cropped

“When I first heard that half a billion animals perished in the bushfires, I was shocked. I can’t comprehend the scale of the disaster. I am glad that we have developed a platform that is impact-focused and delivers more than just burritos and coffees. It changes lives.”

Eric Peck, CEO and Co-founder. Swoop Aero

The Ripper Alliance members

The Ripper Rescue Alliance will keep evolving as more disciplines are gathered to complete the tasks and challenges given to us by front line services, our current applications have the capabilities to assist in all area of rescue and recovery, from the local business level to regional areas and remote communities.

The Ripper Alliance
Research Partners

The Ripper Alliance will be supported by leading academics, researchers, and scientists across a wide variety of sectors and institutions

A strong vision for the future

We have a strong vision for how drone technology can be used to protect communities and their precious wild places, through fire mitigation and management strategies using wide-scale automated detection, front-line fire support and even autonomous fire-bombing aircraft.  Our vision is to develop front line initiatives, managed locally, increasing effectiveness, and reducing risk to life.

All aspects of Bushfire Recovery

Together the Ripper Alliance has the capabilities to assist in all area of rescue and recovery, from the local business level, to regional areas and remote communities. Our group has the ability to map large areas for assessing fire impact, habitat renewal and to inform research into fire behaviour and fire ecology.

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